Need To Know 

The Team

Kristian Keane-Munday, Emma France, Jessie Denyer,  Nina Longman, Adam Lundie & Alice Marchant

The Brief

The agency Human After All set us a live brief to brand their upcoming news and career platform for 15 to 18 year olds called Need to Know. They wanted the platform to simplify the news for a younger audience and to use social media to catch their attention.

The Strategy

Through our research, we found that many existing news platforms were overcrowded and overcomplicated. We wanted to build an identity that cuts through the noise and dissects the news into easily consumable pieces. 
We used a limited colour palette and bold sans-serif fonts to make the identity daring and eye-catching. We also created a suite of icons to categorise news stories so that the users could filter the news by their interests.

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